Gorgeous, professional photography shouldn’t cost the earth. Choosing a photographer shouldn’t be complicated. Photo sessions should be fun, not stiff and awkward.

Photos are for printing, treasuring and sharing. The tactile experience of thumbing an album is one that shouldn’t be lost to the digital age.

Technology meets nostalgia – That’s what photography means to us. We are Michelle and Ben. We are Pause The Moment, and we are your new favourite photographers.

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Our Services

Pause The Moment offer all kinds of Melbourne Photography services, but we love celebrating with families the most. Whether you need a wedding photographer, a family photographer or a photographer to capture a special birthday party, Michelle and Ben have got you covered.

Featured Wedding Photography

An Experienced Melbourne Photographer Counts

Photography in Melbourne can be very challenging. The weather is unpredictable. Traffic is always fun, and there are almost too many locations to choose for beautiful photos. Being a Melbourne photographer certainly requires a special skill set!

If you know exactly what you are looking for in your photography, or if you need help deciding on where to start, Michelle and Ben are here to help! They have been photographing gorgeous families, parties and weddings around Melbourne for over six years, so they are the right team to ask when you are looking for advice.