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      Birthday parties, and in particular 1st birthdays, are a very special time for your young ones! There are so many benefits for the little ones to gather socially, learn new skills and experience many firsts. A recent trend in birthday parties is the “Cake Smash”, where a little one on his first birthday is let loose on his first birthday cake. After shooting one recently, we thought we would compile a quick list of baby cake smash tips that will help you out in planning your own!
      Angus Loved his baby cake smash. Pause The Moment Family Photography


      If you are planning a cake smash with a professional photographer, styling your smash is very important! Everything from backgrounds to outfit and even the colour of the cake play a critical role in the final look of your photographs. Keeping it simple makes easy work for the parents, and also lessens distractions for the child!


      A simple yet smart outfit for boys might be a pair of jeans or pants that they’ve nearly outgrown, and a cheap necktie that is easily laundered (or disposed of!) once it is covered in cake. Similarly, for the girls, a cute dress that’s almost too small (and therefore expendable) will work a treat. Bright colours are usually the best. They grab your attention in the photos, and keep the birthday child’s attention for longer too!
      There are a host of businesses that provide themed kits too. Bumblebee Boutique is a great example of a business with a wide range of themed outfits for your child. The key is to co-ordinate colours!
      Cake all round as this baby starts the smash. Pause The Moment.


      Colour co-ordination is very important! From the clothing to the cake, the main thing to consider is how your colours will photograph. For instance, you don’t want a purely chocolate cake. The reason? Well, to be blunt, who wants photos of their child covered in sticky brown goo? It’s best to break it up with a brightly coloured icing. If you are making the cake yourself, use a little natural colouring in your sponge! Co-ordinate the colours of the cake with the outfit you’ve chosen and the results will be spectacular!
      Clever dad has put on a jumper the same colour as the cake smash icing.


      Cake smashes are messy. Very messy! But a little forward planning can make cleaning up a breeze. We have a large piece of polycarbonate plastic that rolls up which we take to our cake smashes. It’s easy to clean and keeps the mess off the carpet. But an old white sheet, or even some plastic from a hardware store can work just as effectively. If you are near a wall, some butchers paper from an office supply shop works a treat to protect your paint work. And when you’re done, you can just ball it up and stick it in the recycling bin. No scrubbing required!
      Baby Cake Smash tips from Pause The Moment Photography


      This is pretty important! The last thing you want is a cranky baby! Luckily there are a few things you can do to help your little one stay happy throughout the day. If possible, let baby have a sleep until about an hour before the smash starts. And when baby wakes up, feed a healthy lunch that will give the little one the energy to get through the photo session.
      After the smash its a good idea for baby to have a serve of vegetables for dinner. Carbohydrates (like rice, potatoes and sugars will not be necessary!

      A cake smash is an excellent way to build memories that you will treasure as a family together. You can see more from our latest cake smash featuring baby Angus and his family by clicking here.

      If you would like to book a cake smash, or a family photography session, get in touch here!

      Have you and your child had a cake smash? Share your ideas, thoughts and pictures in the comments below!


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