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      Madison and Braedan chose a beautiful spot to celebrate their nuptials with friends and family, and gave us our first ever Baxter Barn wedding photography job. After a beautiful ceremony at their church, it was off in a vintage Ford to Baxter Barn.


      Their classic sense of style as well as excellent wedding day planning made sure that their photographs were simply gorgeous! With a good amount of time set aside for their photo shoot, this couple took all the pressure off. The day was so much fun to shoot. To top it all off, the weather was just brilliant! It was a recipe for gorgeous photos, and gorgeous photos we made!

      Baxter Barn Wedding Photography


      Maddy and Brae got ready in the morning at separate houses in Croydon, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. In situations like this, it’s always easier to have two photographers shooting your wedding. It allows us to be in two places at once. This ensures that we don’t miss a minute of your big day. It also takes some of the time pressure off the photographer, which in turn enables us to create gorgeous, relaxed images. Michelle and I started the morning by visiting the bride and her bridesmaids and her bridesbloke to capture a little bit of the girls getting ready. The atmosphere was super relaxed – most likely due to how organised this couple were!

      Flowers for a wedding at Baxter Barn in MelbourneGetting ready for a Melbourne Wedding.
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      A nervous bride adjust her dress in front of a mirror.

      There was a contrast in atmosphere at Braedan’s house! Braedan was a little nervous – he was anxious that everything to go smoothly. Talking to him, I could tell that he just couldn’t wait to marry Madison. These two were so in love and utterly gorgeous! Braedan’s family and groomsmen helped to calm his nerves as the hour approached to leave for the church. Luckily, somebody had a leather punch to help adjust the size of some groomsmen’s belts! You can never be too prepared on a wedding day.

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      With all the trimmings prepared, and everyone dressed and ready, it was time for this amazing couple to head to their church and complete the formalities of the day. A beautiful ceremony was conducted, which included prayers and songs for the faithful. It also included some gorgeous customisations that tied in beautifully with the science theme for the day. A packed church watched this gorgeous couple tie the knot, and refreshments were served afterwards for the guests. Quite a lot of planning and effort went into the little details on the day, and this showed in the beautiful presentation of the church.

      The order of service at a Melbourne wedding ceremony.
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      Signing the marriage certificate at a Melbourne wedding.


      Light and time, as we always say, are the two key ingredients to stunning wedding photography. Of course, styling and location are almost as important too. Madison and Braedan heeded our advice, and we headed to their reception venue at Baxter Barn with plenty of time left to meander around the gardens and watch the sun set. The hour before sunset is the best time for beautiful wedding photography in Melbourne! The lovely long evening light is at it’s most flattering during this time. Our Baxter Barn wedding photography session with this lovely couple did not disappoint! The couple were driven down in a lovely old Ford Mercury, and we weren’t far behind. We were a little worried that the weather wasn’t going to clear in time. However our worries were laid to rest as the sky cleared as we drove down Eastlink towards Baxter. It couldn’t have been a nicer evening!
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      Bride and groom stand next to a black Ford that transported them to their Melbourne wedding.
      Pause The Moment - Melbourne wedding photographer
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      Perfect Melbourne wedding photography by Pause The Moment
      A groom with his arm around his bride.

      A gorgeous party for a gorgeous couple

      Baxter Barn are absolute professionals. We were just blown away by their stunning location, their friendly service and their attention to detail. Maddy & Brae had a wonderful time at their reception, almost as much fun as their Melbourne wedding photographers did. A uniquely styled doughnut cake, science books on all the tables, and more clever spelling using the periodic table kept the theme of their day perfectly intact. The food was delicious, the dancing was fun, and we aren’t sure that we will ever see a bridal party eat doughnuts quite like these guys did during a hilarious bridal game! We wish this gorgeous couple all the best for the future, and to thank them for choosing Pause The Moment as their wedding photographers.

      Baxter Barn event space.
      Happy couple walk in to their wedding reception.
      A wedding cake made entirely of donuts.
      A slow first dance between a bride and groom.


      We love shooting all kinds of couples in and around Melbourne. Our Baxter Barn wedding photography session with Madison & Braedan was so much fun. What a simply stunning location, and a gorgeous couple.

      As a trio of Melbourne wedding photographers we would love to photograph your wedding day! However our Melbourne wedding photography calendar fills up sometimes 12 months in advance. You need to contact us early to avoid disappointment. If you would like to see some more from our photography blogs, look here. If you have any enquiries, please be in touch with us anytime. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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