Croatian Wedding in Melbourne

      Silvija and Zlatko tied the knot in Melbourne this spring. This celebration was the culmination of months of planning, and it really showed with this stylish Croatian wedding in Melbourne. It was a beautiful day, from the weather to the dress to the food and the cake- and we think it shows in the photography!

      Croatian weddings aren’t exactly your traditional fare. The day starts early and fast paced (like most weddings) and the drinking begins in earnest at breakfast time! Croatian wedding photography tip 1: Get a lot of sleep the night before, and eat a big breakfast!



      Following the morning shots, there are more shots. Rakija (a traditional Croatian alcoholic beverage) was distributed in flasks among the men. The women (sensibly) chose to fill theirs with cherry wine. A feast was prepared at the bride’s house. In contrast to other weddings, the boys arrive to eat and drink with the bride before the ceremony.
      Hip flasks filled with wine were a hit for this Croatian wedding

      Traditional dancing is not uncommon at weddings, and in the case of the Croats it is the Kolo. The name for this dance comes from the Slavic word for wheel, so you can imagine a whole bunch of revellers, arms locked, kicking their heels up and turning in a circle!



      A beautiful ceremony at the Catholic Croatian church followed, which felt a lot like a traditional wedding mass, except that the entire ceremony was in Croatian! That makes it hard to take cues from the minister as to what was happening next. Luckily for us, the mass was fairly traditional, and beautifully conducted. The guest were at times laughing and crying and the mood was simply that of love.



      Silvija had allowed us to plan out her photography locations, and had listened carefully when we said the main ingredients in beautiful wedding photography were not being rushed, and the correct light. Accordingly, Silvija and Zlatko allowed 4 hours between their ceremony and their reception, to allow us to travel to a few locations, not be rushed, and have the long, afternoon light to shoot in too! We were very blessed with the weather, and you can see the results in the gallery here.

      The festivities continued long into the evening, and we were proud to have made friends with such a lovely young couple. We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding photography client and wish them all the best for the future!


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