Wedding Videography - Diana and Youssef Wedding Trailer


      The one thing we’ve learned as Melbourne wedding photographers is that you need to be adaptable! Things are different from wedding to wedding and you always need to be on your feet. In line with that, we are introducing another string into our bow – videography! (Click here or scroll down to see our first ever wedding video!) Melbourne wedding videography is complex, challenging and constantly changing – all the things we love about our business! Doing photography AND videography proved to be a lot of fun as we worked together in a whole new way.


      Diana and Youssef were married in March 2016, and were our very first video clients. Their wedding was absolutely amazing. We felt so fortunate that they decided to have us flex our new videography muscle for the first time on their big day. A hefty investment in top of the line equipment and lots of practice runs ensured that we were completely ready. When the day arrived, we really enjoyed the double-act of capturing still moments whilst keeping our video cameras rolling. We were able to record countless beautiful moments and all of the important events that unfolded. We were exhausted at the end of it but we are now delighted with the results! Take a look at their trailer here, and please let us know what you think in the comments!


      This trailer is designed for the happy couple and family to share online through whatever avenues they prefer. This will allow their friends and family from far and wide to share in the magic of their special day. Those who couldn’t be there will delight in the experience and those who were may enjoy spotting themselves! Wedding videography is a special kind of storytelling with music matched carefully to moments selected from hours of carefully captured footage. The newlyweds will also receive a longer video on DVD. This will contain more extensive multi-camera scenes with beautifully captured audio, including the full wedding ceremony and the speeches at the reception.


      We are definitely interested in building our Melbourne wedding videography profile and we are looking for couples who would like to take advantage of our portfolio building phase. Using the same team for photography and videography has advantages from both artistic and practical standpoints. It also can be great for your bottom line when factoring in all the costs associated with weddings! If you think your wedding might be a good fit for us, why not get in touch with us here or phone 0413 737 417 to discuss a great price for your Melbourne wedding videography.


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      amazing day…very professional work…..great photographer

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