Melbourne’s parks and gardens are famous right around the world! Photography locations abound, and we love finding different places to take wonderful family portrait photography! Victoria is, after all, the garden state! This gorgeous photo shoot took place in Geelong, which is about an hour west of Melbourne’s CBD.
      Family Photography in Melbourne by Pause The Moment


      We LOVE weddings, but the low-key relaxed charm of family photography in Melbourne and its surrounds is a very different experience. Family photography is always such a fun and relaxed experience for us as photographers.  If there are any problems (for example unexpected weather, any sudden bouts of illness or tiredness from the children) then it’s no big deal. The whole event can be redone on another day with a minimum of fuss. With wedding photography, the show must go on no matter what! And it always does of course. 🙂 As photographers, one part of our job is of course making the camera do what we need it to do! But we also need to ensure that people are relaxed, comfortable and in the right frame of mind to capture their ‘best selves’ in an image. How we work to enable this varies from family to family and bride to bride, and is the ‘people-person’ part of our work! Luckily, we enjoy this part a lot.

      For Greg and Susan, there were no hiccups in the day of their family photography session. The weather was a little overcast in Melbourne but this actually made for beautiful soft lighting, perfect for family portrait photography. This highlighted the soft, glowing skin of their two gorgeous children. We started at their house and moved to a nearby park. Little Max was keen to kick a footy and chase some ducks which made for some fun shots and put a twinkle in everyone’s eyes.

      We’ll let the photographs speak for themselves. Suffice to say we felt very lucky to spend the afternoon engaging in such beautiful family photography with such a delightful little clan. They were thrilled with our work and we look forward to revisiting them for another session when their children have grown up a bit more so that we can capture the next stage of their family’s development.

      If you would like to book a family portrait session, send us an email here, or else phone us on 0413 737 417. To see more of our beautiful photography, head over to our gallery page and see just how beautiful your wedding photogrpahy could be.


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