Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photography

Laura and Mitchell tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony at the Stillwater restaurant on Crittenden Estate in Melbourne’s Gorgeous Mornington Peninsula. Michelle and I were so lucky to have these two legends choose us for their Mornington Peninsula wedding photography!

Melbourne wedding photography at Stillwater at Crittenden Estate

Stillwater at Crittenden

Stillwater on Crittenden is a beautiful restaurant. It is the perfect place for a boutique wedding. The beautiful willow trees, wandering vineyards and the stunning food should be the envy of any aspiring bride looking for a beautiful venue that isn’t too far from home. The gorgeous restaurant has large glass windows looking out at the willow trees. There’s also a lake with a grassed area that’s set away from the reception venue. Whether you set your wedding indoors or else opt for an outdoor wedding set against the backdrop of the weeping willow trees, you’re in for a treat.

Laura and Mitchell's Mornington Wedding Photography

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Getting your Wedding Photography Right!

Laura and Mitch seemed pretty relaxed from the time we first met them. They weren’t too fussed about all the pre-wedding trappings, they just wanted their ceremony to be perfect. Uh, nailed it guys! Melbourne turned on a beautiful day. From the moment that Laura walked down the aisle, we knew we were in for something special. This couple knew they could use this venue to their advantage, and combine zero travel with amazing photos. We worked with them early in the planning stage. They made sure we had plenty of time after the ceremony and again around the golden hour to nail these amazing photos. What do they say? Perfect planning prevents poor performance! One thing to keep in mind is that the grape vines will be covered seasonally so the crop is protected. Make sure you talk to them early if you are thinking about booking!

Wedding photography in Melbourne of a bride and groom walking down the aisle after their wedding
Beautiful Melbourne wedding photography of a bride and groom under a willow tree sharing a kiss.
Gorgeous Mornington Peninsula wedding photography by Pause The Moment.

Michelle and I were thrilled to be the wedding photographers down on the Peninsula for these two champions! We hoped you’ve liked this little article about this big couple as much as we have enjoyed writing it. It was an awesome day and a wonderful night, and we highly recommend a trip down to Dromana to check out Stillwater, too.

Laura and Mitch relax and enjoy their gorgeous wedding day.

Beautiful photo of Laura and Mitch standing by a lake holding each other on their wedding day.

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We love shooting all kinds of couples, families and parties in and around Melbourne. This beautiful venue on Melbourne’s stunning Mornington Peninsula really allowed us to stretch our photography legs! We absolutely loved working with Laura and Mitchell – such an awesome couple and so full of love, and feel blessed to have been their Mornington Peninsula wedding photographers

Mornington Peninsula wedding photography at Stillwater Estate - The couples first dance.

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