Stylish Family Photography Sessions

      Family photography sessions are a great way to make and preserve memories! There are literally a million choices for family photography styling. Styling is one of the two biggest ones you will make! As your session approaches, a little thought and planning can make the difference between nice photos and stunning photos. Apart from amazing family photographers, styling is the one of the two biggest factors that can really get your images to pop. The best thing is that styling does not have to cost much at all. A clever theme, a few simple props, the right location and time of day make all the difference!
      Family stand on a wharf for their Melbourne family photography session.

      Melbourne Family Photography Styling For The Boys

      Simple is almost always the best when it comes to styling a family photography session. Fashion is seasonal, but styling doesn’t have to be. If you want a summery look for your photo shoot, you can achieve it on any clear day providing you are prepared! Simple white shirts for the boys are nearly always a winner. You can dress it up or down, depending on the feel you are looking for. Casual chinos rolled to the knee and a simple straw hat create a summery, casual feel that is as timeless on a beach backdrop as it is in a forest. Or dress up that white shirt by adding dress pants and a tie for a more formal look. Blue jeans, rolled sleeves and some sunglasses can create a little more of a “cool dude” look.
      Melbourne portrait photography Pause The Moment. Melbourne family photography - Styling

      Melbourne Family Photography Styling For The Girls

      It’s a similar story for the ladies! A simple white dress can look elegant in almost any setting. Blue jeans, boots and simple top can give a casual yet elegant feel, and are never too hard to dress up. A black cocktail dress can rock any city or industrial setting. (The “little black dress” can be used about anywhere!!) Paisley skirts and loose fitting lacy white tops provide a real “boho” feel that often looks good in a country setting. FLowing maxi dresses can do the same. Once again the key is to be simple and consistent across all family members, and across your idea.
      Portrait photography by Pause The Moment

      Photography Sessions Accessories and Props

      When you are styling your family session, props can often be used to add an extra element that you wouldn’t normally see in a family portrait session. Used properly, they can divert the children’s attention away from the camera, and create special little interactions that aren’t always possible in a typical photography session. It can be fun to shop at second-hand shops to see what little gems you can pick up in the weeks before your session.
      Heading to the beach? A little string on the end of a driftwood can serve as a fishing rod. An old shovel or pitchfork might work if your session is in a field. A camera or a pair of binoculars can work if you are in the mountains or the forest. There are literally a million things you might choose! You are only limited by your creativity!
      Boy looks into sunset at this family photography session.

      Boy fishes with an apple.
      In terms of accessories, it’s often best to remember that less is sometimes more, but none is rarely good! Keeping things simple always works, but a little handbag, bangle, or earring can really complete an outfit! Bring as many things as you think fit your theme, but don’t try to wear them all at once!

      A well planned, well thought out theme for your photography session can really make it pop. It’s a good idea to communicate your idea with us as your session approaches, so that we understand exactly what you are going for and can maximise your planning!


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