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      One of the best things about being a wedding photographer in Melbourne is the summer weddings. Melbourne in summer is abuzz with life. Even during the week the cafes are full, people are everywhere, and no matter where you look you can’t help but feel like the city is alive. For Jim and Galina, Melbourne provides the backdrop for the latest chapter of their lives, and that chapter happened to be marriage. Perhaps that is why they wanted so many different landmarks as the backdrop for their wedding photography. Either way, I was happy to come out on this hot summer’s day and document their beautiful wedding for them!

      This couple stand with the Carlton skyline in the background for their wedding photos.


      I met the happy couple outside of their first-choice landmark, St. Patrick’s cathedral in Carlton. The sun was already beating down hard, and providing a real challenge in terms of lighting! It was clear to me early on that Jim was keen to fit in as many of the locations he and Galina had selected in the hour-and-a-half that we had before the ceremony at the Old Treasury Building, and that I would have to work fast to ensure I captured all the shots at this Melbourne landmark wedding! We zipped around the cathedral, with Jim making sure I shared his vision for all the shots they both wanted, and then headed to the Parliament gardens via Gillot reserve.
      The water feature at Gillot reserve makes for some fun wedding photography, and the skyline back towards Carlton looks wonderful with St. Patrick’s looming large and the flowers in full bloom.


      By now it was hot. 31 degrees and it wasn’t yet 10am. Pushing on down Spring Street, we stopped at the Princess theatre, the top of Collins Street, on Spring Street itself for the “W” class trams that grace the city circle, Parliament House, and then the Windsor Hotel. It was, however, drawing close to the time that we were due to meet the horse and cart that would deliver the happy couple to their guests waiting at the Old Treasury in fine style. We headed quickly to Landsdowne Street where the “chariot” awaited us, and then took a leisurely ride through the tree-lined streets towards The Treasury.

      Black and white wedding photography Melbourne - Pause The Moment


      Galina sits in the shade on this, her hot summer's wedding day.



      As the horse and cart appeared from around the corner, some fifty or more family and friends cheered for the happy couple. Jim and Galina waved back, and were then whisked into the registry to confirm all the details on their marriage license were correct.
      Shortly after I had a short session to photograph both Galina and her page boy Max in the waiting room before the ceremony began.

      With so much family in the room, you could just feel the love and happiness in the air. As the couple exchanged vows, there was barely a dry eye in the room. Everyone was overjoyed at this new beginning for Jim and Galina, and this new chapter in their lives.


      With the ceremony in the blissfully air-conditioned Margaret Craig room over, and the congratulations freely flowing, it was time for this wedding party to venture out back into the stifling Melbourne heat for some family portraits and more wedding photography. Naturally, Jim and Galina wanted to get this out of the way as quickly as possible for their guests so that they could head over to The Conservatory for the reception.
      We carried on through the Fitzroy Gardens, enjoying the shade and the scenery and putting together a wonderful set of photos for Jim and Galina to enjoy.
      The conservatory provides a wonderful setting for gorgeous wedding photography, but believe me when I say it’s a steaming hot place to be in the middle of the day in summer! Once we had finished in there it was time to head over to The Pavilion and join the rest of the guests for the celebrations. I’d like to thank Jim and Galina for choosing us to document their big day, and wish them both all the best for their future together.

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      Jim and Galina walk through the gardens on their way to celebrate their new life together.


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