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      Choosing your Melbourne wedding photographer is a very important task.

      Hello! We are Michelle and Ben from Pause The Moment. Hopefully, you’ll choose us as your wedding photographers! But we don’t think you should rush your decision. Choosing your Melbourne wedding photographer is a critical task. It can be a bit daunting to know how to select the right team for your celebrations.

      Don’t worry! We know how great wedding days unfold. This guide has been designed to help you think of some of the things you might not have otherwise! We think this article will be beneficial, no matter who you end up choosing as your wedding photographer.


      There so much to consider when making such this important decision.
      We’re going to break it down step by step. This article should give you a feel for what to expect when going through the process of choosing your wedding photographer.

        • Why choosing the right wedding photographer is so important
        • Things to consider before you book your wedding photographer
        • Why choosing an experienced photographer is vital
        • What you can expect from us before your wedding
        • Things to expect from us on the day
        • What happens after your wedding

        Without further ado, let’s talk through choosing your wedding photographer!


      There are so many reasons why your Melbourne wedding photographer is important. In all likelihood, you have been planning for many months or maybe years. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into creating the wedding of your dreams. All your favourite people will be there in the same place at the same time. All the details will be exactly the way you planned. There is no other day quite like it!

      The process of choosing a wedding photographer deserves proper care, attention and time. If you’re getting married in Victoria, you need to choose a Melbourne wedding photographer who is more passionate about your big day than you are. Ideally, it will be someone who shares your vision for the day. A full-time professional with a proper colour-managed workflow and connections to professional printing and finishing labs is invaluable when you want to invest in heirlooms.


      You might think that all wedding photographers in Melbourne are the same, but they aren’t. Full time professional wedding photographers are getting rarer all the time! An ever-increasing amount of “weekend-warriors” are confusing the market for couples. They may be cheaper, but they can’t necessarily afford the time and care your wedding photos deserve. Browsing the options can be intimidating. Deciding what you do not want in a photographer can help you figure out what you do. Which brings us neatly to our next section…


      The first thing to consider is your photographer’s portfolio. Do they have “the look” you desire? Do they have a solid body of work to show you? Will they show you full weddings, rather than just their “hero shots”? If the answer to any of these questions is no perhaps they aren’t the photographer for you. You need to like their stuff! Any photographer can take one or two great shots at a wedding. You need to know that they will perform consistently throughout the whole day.


        • How long have they been in the industry?
        • Can they can show you some full weddings, as delivered to clients?
        • Do they have all the relevant public liability and professional indemnity insurance?
        • Are they prepared with things like contracts?
        • Do they sign copyright of your wedding photos over to themselves?
        • What are their backup and file protection plans?
        • Are they a member of the AIPP (The only professional body in Australia who can provide accreditation for photographers)?

      Apart from everything, meeting with your potential photographers lets you find out if you get along with them! It’s an often-overlooked thing, but it’s vitally important! Sometimes you spend more time on your wedding day with your photographer than your new partner!

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      Cost should certainly be a factor when choosing your wedding photographer. However, it shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. It must be weighed against how much you spend on the rest of your wedding. You want to hire someone who can demonstrate that they know their stuff.

      You need to consider how much the memories of your wedding are worth to you. It’s likely that you will spend a lot more money on your venue and catering than your photographer. The only way to truly immortalise these details is through your photography. Sure, you can take some leftover food away with you – but it won’t be good a few days later! Your photos are the only things you’ll have 60 years from now! A photographer should capture details, create images and sell products that you can pass down through generations. That’s not a task to be taken lightly!

      The question of how much to spend can only be answered by you. What is the cost of preserving the memory of the day that you and your partner dedicated your lives to each other worth to you? How much are you willing to pay for professional experience. How much will you invest in your memories?

      What you should spend on your Melbourne wedding photographer depends on you.


      Wedding photography in Melbourne is often a challenging task. Melbourne is a big city, the weather is unpredictable and let’s not get started on the traffic. Your choice of photographer affects not just your images, but also has the potential to affect the way your whole wedding day runs! An experienced wedding photographer knows that there is more to being a part of a wedding team than just taking photos!

      Choosing a Melbourne wedding photographer who understands how this town works – especially on the weekends – is almost as important as choosing one who is technically proficient! Planning your Melbourne wedding photography is so important. You and your photographer need to plan well to execute your vision – no matter what our great city throws at us. That brings us to our next point.


      The run-up to your wedding can sometimes be stressful and busy, but it should also be a lot of fun! Hopefully, with some months to go, you have already met your photographer at least once so that they have a good understanding of exactly what you are envisioning. You’ve likely got a good idea about the overall style and desired “feel” of your wedding. That “feel” can impact the type of photographer you want. At this point, a good wedding photographer will be able to give you extra advice that will surely be invaluable on your wedding day.

      You Can’t Always Think of Everything. (And You Shouldn’t Have To!)

      Sometimes you can’t think of everything, no matter what! That’s where your experienced Melbourne photographer comes in. Couples sometimes overlook things like travel time (yes, it usually takes twice as long to get anywhere in that fabulous 1929 Dodge you’ve hired), football matches, and roadworks. Sometimes, couples even choose a perfect location only to realise that their stretch limousine can’t get close to it due to speed humps!

      Working closely with your photographer in the months before your wedding yields great results. We are always available for some conversations on the phone with our couples. We will organise additional meetings before the day when required. It’s a policy that has served us and our past couples well!


      When your wedding day finally arrives, we can pretty much guarantee you will feel a mixture of nerves and excitement. You will have enough on your plate already – your photography should not be a concern in your mind by this stage at all. Instead, knowing that you have the right people on the job will remove this burden from your mind. All your planning has come down to this one day. You want to feel as relaxed as you can about the fact that it will go off without a hitch. (Well, one thing will be getting hitched, and that’s the two of you!)


      If you choose Pause The Moment as your Melbourne wedding photographer you will feel confident that you will benefit from our blend of creativity, helpfulness and professionalism. Many of our couples tell us that we became unofficial bridal party members on their wedding day. We both strive to live up to that praise! We’ve saved couples from all sorts of pickles that could easily have made their day more stressful. (Ask Ben about running two kilometres through the Royal Botanic Gardens to fetch the wedding documents that a groom left in his car or Michelle about her secret ninja stain-removing skills!) No matter what happens, we aim to keep things running smoothly for you – after all, it’s your wedding. We understand how much it matters!


      The early part of your day can provide some of the most rewarding images. Family and friends have often gathered around. The atmosphere tends to be busy but glowing with happiness and anticipation. It’s a great time for detail shots, capturing all the little things that have you have planned for months in advance. A good Melbourne wedding photographer can be so creative with the smallest things during this time.

      It’s also a good time for some informal family portraits. While everyone is busying about getting ready, we busily snap away, capturing moments as they happen. The images we produce while everyone is getting ready are a vital part of your wedding story. For the most part, couples don’t know what the “other half” was up to before the wedding until they receive their photos. Memories like this are irreplaceable, and we know just how to capture them.


      Another tradition that we love to capture are the cars that you hire to get to your wedding. We’ll make sure that we photograph every little detail that we can so that you can remember your ride to your wedding – especially if it’s a “dream car”. We’ve photographed everything from a 1929 Dodge to a DeLorean DMC-1 (complete with time circuits and a flux capacitor). Pause The Moment will make sure that you’ll never forget your joyride or the car you rode in on your wedding day!


      Wedding ceremonies are awesome! No two are alike, and they happen in all kinds of places. Inside, outside, daytime, nighttime – they are all unique. You need an experienced photographer who understands light and has the equipment to photograph in any situation.

      Wedding ceremonies are fast. Ask almost anyone who’s married, and they’ll tell you that their ceremony went by in a flash. Our experience as Melbourne wedding photographers means that we know what’s going to happen during your ceremony instinctively. We coordinate with the couple, each other and the celebrant until the moment you walk down the aisle. We’ll be ready to catch all the emotion and action of your ceremony so that you can remember it in perfect detail for all the years to come.


      It’s more than likely that you’ve invited your closest family and friends to your wedding. Often there are some interstate or even international guests. Immediately after your wedding ceremony is a great time to grab some “official” photographs of you and your dear loved ones. Everyone loves “The Big Group Shot”, and a well-organised photographer will be able to quickly capture a photograph of you and any combination of your guests that you desire. We will, of course, sneak in some candids at this time too! These photos are often the most treasured and are also among the most shared around on social media.

      Our experience tells us that if this part of the day is left to chance, it can easily become somewhat chaotic! We’ll work with you before the wedding to coordinate your list and “photo-captain”. A “photo captain” will ensure that we efficiently capture all of the combinations you desire so that everyone is having fun and smiling their best smiles.


      This is the part of the day where you finally get to relax. Your Melbourne wedding photography session shouldn’t be anything but a delight. It’s the part of the day where you and your bridal party get to part ways with your guests and go and enjoy having some of the best portraits you will ever have in your life! You’ve done all the planning & made it through the ceremony, and now you get to go and make your wedding photography vision come true. All of your planning in the months before all comes to a head, and your Melbourne wedding photographers get to shine!

      Whatever your vision for your wedding photography, this is the part we love the most as well! If you want to cruise around in your limo to a few locations and take in as much of Melbourne as possible, or head to one favourite spot for an extended portrait session, good planning with a good photographer will enable your vision to come to life. You won’t remember everything that you, your partner and your bridal party said during this time, but you will have your photos forever.


      Let the party begin! It’s time to relax, put your feet up and celebrate with your family and friends. Your wedding reception is the culmination of all of your hard work, and your first big party as a newlywed couple! From your big entrance to your dance and the cutting of your cake, we love to cover it all! There’s always so much joy at a wedding reception, and capturing the smiles, laughter, and happy tears are truly one of the biggest blessings we have as photographers. Nights like this are ripe for making memories. We are privileged to be trusted as a couple’s Melbourne wedding photographer and to help them remember this special time in a glowing light.


      Have you ever heard of “The Golden Hour?” It’s a term photographers use to describe the beautiful, soft light that naturally occurs when the sun is very close to rising or setting, and it is absolutely where the magic happens! Your Melbourne wedding photography album is always going to be enhanced by a beautiful portrait of you and your partner with one of Victoria’s famous sunsets as the backdrop.

      Depending on the time of year, sunset can range anywhere from 5:00 pm to almost 9:00 pm. If you want some gorgeous sunset photos, it’s important to set aside a twenty-minute session about an hour or so before sunset. Not everyone will get a sunset, but it’s a good idea to plan for one just in case. Even in winter, Melbourne is capable of turning on some glorious evening skies. A little bit of careful coordination between photographer, couple and venue usually makes this easy to organise, and you will never regret it.


      Once your celebration has finally concluded, the work doesn’t stop for us. It’s only just beginning. It’s not just a matter of downloading the photos from our cameras and sending them on their way. Anybody can do that. The mark of a professional is someone who takes great pride in what they produce. Michelle and Ben get to work straight away, backing-up, culling and processing your precious wedding photos.


      Pause The Moment take pride in what we deliver. These are your memories, not our photographs. In saying that, we treat each job as if it was our own. We’ve spent years developing our distinctive style of digital photography, a style that reflects a subtler, more film-like look. Many hours are spent going over each one of your images, removing blemishes and stains, stray hairs, pimples and anything else that detracts from the quality of the image.

      We make sure your photographs are worthy of printing so that they can take pride of place in your albums, on your walls, and as gifts for your loved ones. Beyond the big day, our Melbourne wedding photography skills extend to the digital darkroom as well.

      Initially, we deliver images digitally through our secure online customer area. Your login will give you access to our gorgeous online store, where you can see in real-time what your photos will look like on our beautiful range of artisan products. We only offer the highest quality in prints and products.


      We love printing photos! Have you ever taken a roll of film in to be developed? If so – remember the anticipation that you felt when you finally had the packet in your hands? It is a nostalgic feeling, opening up a physical package to see that your photos turned out exactly the way you hoped on paper (or canvas)! We love that feeling, and we want to pass it on to our couples!

      You may print your wedding photos with whomever you choose. You are not contractually obliged to use our print lab – after all, they’re your wedding photos!

      Our prints are competitively priced. We do hope that you won’t be able to resist the range of wonderful artisan products in our store. Our products are designed to stand the test of time. We believe that quality is important and we know that our products will stand the test of time.


      Ultimately, the first and foremost reason to choose us to capture your Melbourne wedding photography is that you love our style! We’ve worked hard and long to develop a timeless, consistent feel so that our images stand out in a crowded market. We are passionate about Melbourne wedding photography and love taking beautiful photos.

      Our business is fully insured and we have nearly a decade of experience in the wedding industry. We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and we’ll do anything to make sure that your wedding day runs as smooth as possible. As Pause The Moment, we will make sure you end up with more than mere photos, we will help you create timeless memories and family heirlooms so that you can enjoy them for decades and centuries to come.

      Thanks for reading our article about why choosing the right Melbourne wedding photographer is so important! Hopefully, you want to book us for a meeting now! If you do you can phone us right away on 0413 737 417 or fill out the quick contact form below.

      If you know someone who might find this useful, feel free to share these tips with them so they can put them to use. Good luck on your quest to find the right wedding photographer in Melbourne! We hope it’s us!

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