Traditional Indian Wedding

      Traditional Indian Wedding in India

      George and Jan were “sikh-ing” something different, so they chose to have a traditional Indian wedding to tie the knot whilst on holiday. We were honoured to be asked to capture the magic of their vows and celebrations. We were lucky enough to travel to Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India for their big day! It was a day full of bright colours, laughter, music and love.

      Dress to Impress – Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

      The guests had travelled a long way for this important wedding ceremony and were keen to play their parts well! All dressed in traditional Indian clothes like saris, salwar kameez, sherwani coats… and of course, dastar turbans.

      Melbourne Indian Wedding Photographers – A Beautiful Hindu Ceremony

      In the morning after breakfast, the ‘Pagdi wallas’ arrived to tie the traditional turbans on all the men. The bride and groom were the paraded through the local village on a Ghora Rath (horse carriage), with music, dance and fanfare to the Gurdwara (Temple), which was decorated for the occasion. The Ragis (priests) performed the ceremonies amongst flower petals and ethereal smoke. George and Jan chose to have a mixture of English and Hindi spoken during their ceremony. Their guests were touched by the love between these two newlyweds.

      Melbourne Indian Wedding Photography

      We were so delighted to be able to travel to India to add to our Indian wedding photography portfolio. We have already photographed traditional Indian wedding ceremonies in Melbourne for Karishma and Tristan, and also for Arpan and Chandni. Travelling to India to photograph for George and Jan on their special day was surely one of the highlights of my career so far! We love the love in all weddings, and the vibrance of this occasion captivated us. We look forward to sharing more of our journey on our personal blog soon as well. There are many tales to tell, and so much wonderful Indian photography to share.

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