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When Stephanie and Reece contacted us, the first thing they mentioned was that there wedding was a surprise. This gorgeous couple had billed their wedding to all their guests as an engagement party! Little did their guests know that these two had actually planned their wedding to be at sunset on the beach at gorgeous Mentone, in Melbourne. We were so up for keeping this Mentone beach wedding photography gig a secret! This sounded like fun!

We started the day with the couple staying in separate rooms in the Novotel hotel in St. Kilda. This enabled them to be close together, but still have the traditional separation of bride and groom on their wedding day. The relaxed vibe of this couple matched the atmosphere in both rooms as the two of them enjoyed their time with the few close friends and family who were in on the secret that the day was actually a wedding.

Wedding Photography Melbourne by Pause The Moment.


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Bridesmaids getting ready
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In order to make sure that the surprise wedding wasn’t ruined for their guests, Steph and Reece basically planned their wedding upside down! Once the couple was prepared, they did their first look by the famous clock tower on the St. Kilda esplanade. We then wandered down to Luna Park for a few photos, and to meet the gorgeous Volkswagens that were to accompany us on our photo shoot for their wedding day. Normally the photo shoot happens after the wedding, but we needed to keep the guests from guessing! So we effectively ran the day backwards. Shoot first, then the start of the reception (disguised as and engagement party) and then the ceremony, followed by a Mentone beach wedding photography session.

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Luna park wedding photography by Pause The Moment
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As we mentioned earlier, a traditional wedding photography session happens after the ceremony. This is usually because the best time of day to take great photographs is the hour and a half before sunset. However, on this occasion, we already knew that we were going to be on the beach for what photographers call the “golden hour,” and that we would be able to use at least some of that time to capture some gorgeous shots of the couple. This resulted in us having quite a lot of time after the couple were ready to zoom around in the Volkswagens and visit some gorgeous locations to make our beautiful Melbourne wedding photography portraits.

Bride and groom at Brighton beach boxes
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After the photo session, it was time to head to the wedding venue. The trick was not to tip off the guests that there was anything like a wedding happening, so Michelle and I had to put away the big cameras and mingle with the guests. The groomsmen had all changed and removed their flowers, and the bride wasn’t due at the party until a little bit later. When the time arrived, an announcement was made that Steph was arriving, and everyone saw her walk in wearing her wedding dress. At that point the expressions on some of the faces were absolutely priceless and one of our favourite celebrants Kelly Rossi announced to the crowd that it was time to hit the beach for the ceremony.

The weather was perfect, and Kelly’s ceremony was just perfect. The gorgeous golden sunset made the photography on Mentone beach look absolutely stunning. The warm weather was just the icing on the cake. A short beach wedding photography session with the bride and groom after the ceremony produced some amazing results as the sun went down of the bay. This Mentone beach wedding photography session was just perfect. We then headed inside for the cake cutting and the festivities, and this perfect day was complete.

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Gorgeous bridesmaids in the sunset lightGroom puts his new wife's ring on at a beach wedding in Melbourne.
Melbourne wedding photography. Pause The Moment
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We’d like to congratulate Steph and Reece on their gorgeous wedding, and thank them for choosing Pause The Moment as their Melbourne wedding photographers. Their Mentone Beach wedding photography was a highlight for us.

Our professional Melbourne wedding photography team would love to photograph your wedding day. However our Melbourne wedding photography calendar fills up sometimes 12 months in advance. You need to contact us early to avoid disappointment. If you would like to see some more from our photography journal, look here. If you have any enquiries, please be in touch with us anytime. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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