Premium Wedding Photography Package

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Our Premium Wedding Photography package is tailored specifically for our discerning clients who want, above all, to prioritise time for beautiful portraits in stunning locations on their wedding day.

Time, light and preparation are the key to an extended set of stunning photographs, and this package enables you to maximise all three.

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From $3800 – WHAT IS INCLUDED?

  • All pre-wedding planning meetings – Absolutely free, as many as you need!
  • Professional grade Nikon cameras – See what’s currently exciting us in our camera bag.
  • High-resolution images – 21MP – Great for huge sized prints.
  • Each image processed in our unique artistic fashion. We lovingly retouch and process every delivered image to recreate the feel of film and maintain our distinct style.
  • A permanent slideshow of our favourite images from your wedding on our website so you can easily share your special day with friends and family – free forever!
  • Digital download from our website and physical delivery via personalised USB of your complete set of images.
  • Expect around 750 digital images. No charge if we deliver more images!
  • No travel charge Victoria-wide.
  • Two professional photographers.
  • Twelve hours’ coverage. Further coverage is available by arrangement.

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The extended hours and multiple photographers included in the Premium Wedding Photography package maximise the time we have on your wedding day to both document events and visit locations that will undoubtedly create a gorgeous visual memoir of your special day. If you value the time, money and effort that you have poured into your wedding, then this is the package for you. Contact us now to secure your wedding date.

Our Premium Wedding Photography package is designed for the client whose primary desire is to create a gorgeous visual record of their day. We have a package to suit every client and every budget. To see what other options are available for gorgeous wedding photography, view a different package by clicking the button below.

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Premium Wedding Photography Packages

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