It’s always an honour when another photographer asks you to photograph them! On this particular summer afternoon we headed to the beach with Andreas and Souri and their children. The brief? Stunning family portrait photography in the sunset and sand, please! Safe to say that the family was delighted with the images, and we were thrilled to have taken these portraits for such delightful people! We love it when families make an effort to dress to a theme. The white and tan outfits were perfect for this setting. Similarly, appropriate toys and props keep the little ones engaged and active to keep shots looking natural and fun.


      We just love our family portrait photography sessions. Intimate settings and intimate moments make us smile and give you memories to treasure forever. If you would like to book a family portrait photography session, call 0413 737 417 or click here and fill out our enquiry form
      Big thanks the the team at Fresh Photography for choosing us to be their photographers!


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