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      It’s not everyday that we get to photograph a surprise marriage proposal! As Melbourne wedding photographers we get to see a lot of different things, but this one truly made our hearts sing!

      A seagull flies high.


      Sam and Jess have been together for a few years now. It’s only natural that they would take the next step and get engaged. In fact, some of their friends had been starting to wonder if it would ever happen! Sam had clearly been planning this for a while now. The secret to success, he says, is not letting too many people in on the secret too soon. The more people that know what is happening, the more chance there is of a leak! Cleverly, Sam had managed to be “at work” the night before he proposed to Jess. Secretly, he was scurrying around making sure that everything was taken care of so that this would go off without a hitch!

      Sam prepares to propose to Jess while his photographer waits.


      Of course, there were a few people who had to know about this in advance. Sam ingeniously made sure that they didn’t know until the absolute last minute that they had to to ensure that no one made a slip of the tongue and gave it away too soon! Jess’s Mum had organised a beach trip after work on a sunny day in Melbourne. On the way down though she phoned and said that she was going to be late as the dog had escaped. This was a stroke of genius! Now the beach didn’t look like it was Sam’s idea, and it also left Sam to propose without an audience!

      Sam proposes to Jess on the Beach - Melbourne Wedding Photography by Pause The Moment


      We received a phone call from Sam at 12:30pm on the day of the proposal. “I know this is short notice, but would you guys be available to head to the beach in a few hours? I’m proposing to my girlfriend and I want a nice picture of it to hang on our wall.” These Melbourne wedding photographers jumped at the chance to photograph a surprise marriage proposal! We gathered up the details, charged up some batteries and headed out just at the required time. Communicating with Sam while Jess had a swim allowed us to locate the couple and set up without being detected. Then it was just time to wait!


      As Sam and Jess dressed to leave Sam fumbled around in his bag. In a instant he was down on one knee and the look of surprise on Jess’s face said it all. He slipped the ring gently on to her finger, then she leaned in and kissed him. This was our cue to run down the beach with a bottle of Champagne and kick off the celebrations. A cuddle, a swim and a few glasses later, it was time for the happy couple to head home, where a small gathering of friends and family had quietly spread the word and chilled some more champagne! We can’t wait to photograph the next chapter of this happy couple’s life!

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