Treasury Gardens Wedding Photography

      Normally we don’t do many weddings on a Monday, but this year was something a little bit different! After all the 29th of February doesn’t come around too often, and this year we were contacted to do some secret Treasury Gardens wedding photography! Leesa and Stuart had decided to elope, and Leesa’s sister Brooke asked us to head in with them and make sure they had some special photos of their big day.

      Couple kiss at their Treasury gardens wedding photography session.


      The couple asked us to keep things on the quiet, as they had a big lunch with the family planned for the next weekend, and were going to announce their nuptials to everybody at that party! We had to keep the social media to a minimum! Leesa and Stuart wanted to keep everything low key and relaxed. I don’t think we have ever been to a more relaxed wedding! And that’s saying something! Only a couple of guests who doubled as witnesses, celebration with coffee rather than champagne, and a quick walk through Melbourne’s Treasury gardens for a few snaps on their big day, then back home!

      Flowers and certificate at a Treasury Gardens wedding.


      Ceremonies at the Old Treasury building are perfect for a low key wedding. With two small rooms (one seats about ten and the other about 60), Melbourne’s gorgeous gardens and laneways at your doorstep and plenty of restaurants to hold reception dinners at, the Old Treasury building provides a wonderful hub for those planning a low key wedding. There are literally hundreds of places to gorgeous wedding photos within a ten minute walk of the venue.


      This wedding went off without a hitch! Elegant efficiency was applied to the whole morning, and we had such a good time with this gorgeous couple. Leesa has an infectious smile, and the whole day was over and done with in a few short hours! We wish these two all the best for their future together!

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      Stuart Oakley

      To my special wife best weeding ever…!! Love you infinitest xoxoxox

      Liz Dundas-Smith

      Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous couple! Glad you had a special day celebrating your love for each other just the way you wanted xxx

      Jacqueline Oakley

      They kept their secret very well.
      At lunch the following weekend they very quietly let the cat out of the bag!
      Pandemonium!!! Of course we cried, siblings jaws dropped and Leesa and Stuart had Cheshire Cat smiles.
      Perfect for them both. Love Mum xxxxx
      Ps: gorgeous photographs xxxxx

      Andrea bourke

      My nephew and his bride. Lovely photos.


      Perfect for this couple. Thank you for enabling them to remember this wonderful event.